On Women | Susan Sontag (Paperback)

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On Women brings together Susan Sontags most fearless and incisive writing on women, a crucial aspect of her work that has nof until now received the attention it deserves.


For the most part written in the |970s during the height of second wave feminism, Sontag's essays are strikingly relevant to our contemporary conversations. At times powerfully in sync and at others powerfully at odds with them, they are always characteristically original in their examinations of the 'biological division of labour', the double-standard for ageing and the dynamics of women's powerlessness and women's power.


As Merve Emre writes in her introduction, "They offer us the spectacle of a ferocious intellect setting itself to the task at hand: to articulate the politics and aesthetics of being a woman in the United States, the Americas and the world. 



The Double Standard of Aging / The Third World of Women / A Woman's Beauty: Put-Down or Power Source? / Beauty: How Will It Change Next? / Fascinating Fascism / Feminism and Fascism: An Exchange Between Adrienne Rich and Susan Sontag / The Salmagundi Interview 


Size: 129 x 198mm (paperback)

Pages: 208

Publisher: Penguin

On Women | Susan Sontag (Paperback) | Colours May Vary