Nirvana: The True Story | Everett True

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Some things change your life; seeing Nirvana play the Astoria in 1990 (alongside Godflesh and L7) changed mine. They were by far the best band of the Grunge era, and this book is by far the best biography of this seismic band.


Everett True is responsible for bringing Nirvana, Hole, Pavement, Soundgarden and a host of other bands to public attention. He introduced Kurt to Courtney, performed on stage with Nirvana on numerous occasions and famously pushed Kurt onto the stage of the Reading Festival in 1992 in a wheelchair.

This is the true story written by the only journalist allowed into the Cobain house immediately after Kurt's death. True reveals the details of what the legendary band was really like from start to finish, what happened to Cobain in Olympia and Seattle, how Kurt first met Courtney and gives the lowdown on the scenes, the seminars, the live dates, the friends and the drug dealers surrounding the grunge explosion.


Three decades after Kurt's death, Nirvana continues to have an enormous influence on popular music. Here is an insider's commentary on one of rock's most influential bands.


Originally published in 2006, this new edition, part of Omnibus' 'Remastered' series,  comes with a fresh new forward by Ben Myers.


Size: 130 x 198 x 52mm (paperback)

Pages: 636

Publisher: Omnibus

Nirvana: The True Story | Everett True