Masks in the Forest | Laurent Moreau

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In an enchanted forest of paper and paint a hapless hunter bumbles after creatures large and small, from a mother fox and her pups to forest giants and vivid birds. Bold illustrations with dream-world colours bring the woodlands to life.

Nine pre-cut pop-out masks allow children to act out the story with family and friends. Slipping into the roles of the book’s creatures, they can also create delightful tales of their own and lose themselves in a land of make-believe. 


Huge shop favourites - Little Gestalten books are beautifully published and bring together compelling stories with striking visuals.


Size: 270 x 320mm (hardback)

Pages: 40 (includes nine full-colour, pre-cut masks)

Publisher: Little Gestalten



Masks in the Forest | Laurent Moreau
Masks in the Forest | Laurent Moreau | Colours May Vary