Insectile Inspiration: Insects in Art and Illustration | Victionary

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The new illustration title from Victionary is an entomologist's dream, crammed as it is with hundreds of beetles, flies, bugs and grubs from around the world. 36 illustrators and artists present us with their insect-inspired works, which range from the incredible pop-culture referencing pieces of Richard Wilkinson to the delicate acrylic and metallic butterfly paintings of Joshua Carlos Barrera. Here you'll find surrealist graphite imagery, dream-like watercolours, delicate pen and ink drawing and everything in between.


As we've come to expect from Victionary, this is a beautiful piece of publishing with gorgeous butterfly end papers, gold foiled page edging and some lovely paper stock which holds the printed images perfectly.


Featured artists:

Ana Miminoshvili | Aron Landahl | Atsuko Goto | Bil Mayer | Brigid Edwards | Caitlin Rose Davis | Emily Carter | Emma Black | Eyesh Duan | Flora Waycott | Fuco Ueda | High West Wild | Hope Olson | Imogen Oh | Jiayue Li | Joshua Carlos Barrera | Kaitlin Brooks | Kit Mizeres | LIFO | Marald van Haasteren | Maya Hamisch | Monika Forsberg | Natasha Durley | Nicoletta Ceccoli | Oksana Rusalova | Olaf Hajeko | Ophélie Paris | Rhian Davie | Richard Willkinson I Bita Gould | Rose Sandlerson | Suzuko Momoyama | Takeuma | Thomas Hedger | Victoria Clare Gray | Zaneta Amtosik


Size: 187 x 240 (hardback, illustrated throughout)

pages: 288

Publisher: Victionary

Insectile Inspiration: Insects in Art and Illustration | Victionary