Get Baked: Sensational Cakes, Bakes & Deserts | Rich Myers

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Leeds very own Mr Sprinkles has made a book! Get Baked is a GOOD BOOK n'all, full of the cakes, brownies, cookies and buns that have made the Leeds bakery a household name. 


Simple one-page instructions, drool-making pics and not a dull savoury item in sight. Oh, and if you enjoy Rich Myers social media feeds (and c'mon, who wouldn't?) then you're bound to enjoy the nuggets that accompany the recipes - take the S'More Brownies, for example...


"Making the meringue well can take a bit of practice. but it's a bit like riding a bike, without the whole braking too suddenly and flying face-first over the handlebars while Danny Griffin laughs about how much of a loser you are. It's not like that. I'm over it anyway."


Oh and if you're wondering whether the 24 layer 'Bruce' is included, of course it is!


Size: 198 x 242mm

Pages: 144

Publisher: White Lion

Get Baked: Sensational Cakes, Bakes & Deserts | Rich Myers | Colours May Vary