Futuria: Art of the Sci-Fi Age | Victionary

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Embark on a breathtaking visual odyssey through the boundless realms of science fiction in Futuria – Art of the Sci-Fi Age — a meticulously curated showcase of awe-inspiring art and illustrations inspired by the captivating world of Sci-Fi. Within its pages, readers will be transported to distant futures, alternate realities, and uncharted galaxies while exploring the subgenres that have enriched the genre.


From discovering post-apocalyptic worldscapes and cyberpunk aesthetics, to exploring the vast expanses of space colonisation, Futuria showcases the immersive environments and details of visionary artworks that ignite the senses, be they intricate space aircrafts and stations, abandoned military bases and factories, or bustling cityscapes gleaming in neon. Immerse yourself in the extraordinary worlds imagined by talented artists from around the globe and let your imagination soar to the farthest reaches of the Sci-Fi age.


Size: 210 x 285mm (hardcover)

Pages: 254

Publisher: Victionary 


Futuria: Art of the Sci-Fi Age | Victionary