Egostrip: Book 1 | Dan Lish

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Egostrip is a showcase of illustrator and concept artist Dan Lish's incredible hip hop character illustrations.


These beautiful drawings started out life as sketches on Dan's daily commute, which were later fleshed out on his computer. Within these pages you'll find 138 unique portraits from the hip hop universe and beyond, including DOOM, Madlib, Nas, Biggie, J Dilla and the Beastie Boys.


Each entry is fleshed out with Dan's thoughts about each image and their creation - as well as some fascinating insight into collaborating with some of these superstars in the production of album covers, video integrations, and magazine spreads.


Size: 274 x 294mm

Pages: 124

Publisher: Velocity Press

Egostrip: Book 1 | Dan Lish | Colours May Vary