Albertus: The Biography of a Typeface | Simon Garfield

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One of the most beautiful handcrafted typefaces in the world, Albertus is also one of the most enduring.  

The face of thousands of book jackets, and the chosen look for David Bowie, Coldplay, Star Wars and London street signs, Albertus is as as warmly enticing on film posters as it is on memorial plaques. As book sellers, we can't see the typeface without being reminded of the great Faber covers

The story of the font is one displacement (its designer Berthold Wolpe was a German Jewish refugee who went on to design the masthead for The Times), but also one of permanence, for it has proved a fresh, vibrant and indestructible face for almost a century. In this unique celebration, the designer’s children reveal the history of its creation and the erratic brilliance of their father, while the book grapples with one of the fundamental artistic questions: what makes great art not only survive but flourish in each new age and medium?


Size: 205 X 137mm

Pages: 144

Publisher: W&N

Albertus: The Biography of a Typeface | Simon Garfield