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The Wonky Zoo By Kieran Blakey - 16th June - 15th July 2018

In June 2018, Kieran Blakey revealed the rather marvellous Wonky Zoo. The zoo was a collection of ceramic and print-based artwork which celebrated the Individual character and diversity of different animals around the world. 

The Wonky Zoo (photo by Justin Slee)

Kieran had just graduated from the illustration BA at Leeds Arts University. We had loved his work for a while and were super excited to be looking after his wonky creatures for a few weeks. It was also the first time anyone had painted a mural on our wall, a tribute in part to Stevie dog? 

The Wonky Zoo (photo by Justin Slee)

We still have our wonky panda, he’s doing very well. 

  The Wonky Zoo (photo by Justin Slee)