Refold | Beer In Your Ear zine launch

Refold | Beer In Your Ear zine launch

02/05/24 6-8PM

Join us on Thursday May 2nd between 6-8pm for the launch of the Beer In Your Ear zine.

The zine features new work by Refold, investigating the connection between music, brewers, and beer.

There will also be beer: kindly supplied by Verdant Brewing Co. 

Interest in creating stuff seems to spill over into different disciplines. Brewing in particular seems to attract a lot of people with a music, art and design background, people with strong opinions and strong tastes. Why is that the case? What are the connections between beer and art? Can beer be paired with music? What are the musical tastes of the people who brewed the beer you’re drinking? Refold started his investigation with a series of conversations with some of the brewers from North and Verdant. You can read snippets from these conversations in the zine. You will also come across a few playlists provided by various people from the breweries.

Think of this zine as a conversation. Listen to the music that’s been recommended. Discover something new. Don’t put beer in your ear. If you’re sipping that DIPA right now, ask yourself, “what music would go well with this?” Enjoy.