Hinterland - 8th November 2013 - January 11th 2014

Hinterland Identity Designed by Amy Rodchester
Hinterland Identity Designed By Amy Rodchester 

It all started here. In November 2013, alongside the wonderful @Lordwhitney, we took a plunge into ‘The Mystical, Arcane, Fabled and Savage’ as we unveiled Hinterland, a group show which celebrated British folklore. Artists showing their work included Supermundane Alex Sickling ThePrintProject Matt Saunders  Petra Borner Karolin Schnoor Hedof Esther McManus Dick Vincent Chrissie Macdonald Tommy Davidson India Rose Bird and brand new team member at that time Lucy Ketchin!

The Window in our shop was dressed by Lord Whitney
The May Queen by Karolin Schnoor 

The Hand of Glory By Tommy Davidson 

On the night, in an event space that wasn’t yet ours (we were borrowing it), there was live music from @SamAirey, booze and food from @FriendsofHam, @Foodand_ and @GrubandGrog and a ton of happy people. This was where we stopped and thought ‘we’d like to do that again’, we’re glad we did.

For a fantastic video documenting the events that surrounded the exhibition and the evening of the launch Itself please find a link In the images above!