Funland - 17th July - 14th August 2015

Funland - Hungry Sandwich Club

Funland window vinyl by Hungry Sandwich Club (photo by Justin Slee)

"A wander through the summer of our minds", that was the tag line to our Funland group show, which delivered a selection of work from Laura Callaghan, Benjamin Craven, Kate Gibb, Go Go's Chop Shop, Adam Higton, Hungry Sandwich Club (who did the excellent identity) , Oliver Jackson, Elliot Kruszynski, Phyllis Ma, Alex Sickling, Lou Taylor, Sian Westcott and Jonathan Wilkinson!

Funland - Hungry Sandwich Club

Hungry Sandwich Club's deckchair (photo by Justin Slee)

Responding to a brief, which contained inspiration such as 'fairground terrors, plastic food, hot dog smells and scary rides', we received an incredible array of work, which included wooden cat sculptures, a ceramic Punch and Judy, perspex ice cream wall hangings, a screen-printed deckchair, prints and textile banners!

Funland - Alex Sickling

Punch, Judy and Croc by Alex Sickling (photo by Justin Slee)

Funland - Elliot Kruszynski

A clutch of cats by Elliot Kruszynski (photo by Justin Slee)

On the launch night, we cooled down with ice creams from Northern Bloc and Pimms and ginger served by Dan from Further North (we even managed to keep hold of the ice cream fridge for the whole of the show - cheers guys!).

Funland - Northern Bloc

A special mention has to go to Martin and Andy of Hungry Sandwich Club, who battled ferocious heat on the launch day while applying their tricksy four colour vinyl installation in our window. Honestly, they almost perished! Thank you guys for all of your hard work throughout the years - what would we have done without you?

Funland - Hungry Sandwich Club

Andy from Hungry Sandwich Club surveys his work