Forward Always | Book Launch & Poetry Reading

FORWARDS ALWAYS! A great slogan, a better book, from a brilliant chap. 
Next Thursday at our gaff (6th April) the marvellous Matthew Hodson will be reading poems from his ‘silly book’ Forwards Always’ (freshly republished by the ace Cicada Books ). He’ll be there to squiggle his name in copies for you, pour you a fizzy pop and, maybe, Pat you on the head. 
There will be some smashing prints to hang on your wall too. 
So come along from 6-8 for fun, poetry and some very ripe bananas. You’ll be glad you did.
If you are unable to come along do not fear! We have added the book to our web shop on pre-order. Please head there and purchase a copy, and Matt will sign it for you. 
We will trot to the post office with it and get it sent out to you as soon as the Easter break is over. Head here to grab a copy.