An Illustrated History Of Ghosts - Book Launch | Adam Allsuch Boardman

Join us for the launch of An Illustrated History Of Ghosts by Adam Allsuch Boardman on November 10th from 6-8pm. 

Top chap Adam Allsuch Boardman is back, and this time he's donned a bedsheet, cut out some eyeholes and dived deep into the spooky world of ghosts! This beautifully illustrated history takes us from the spectres of pre-modernity right up to the internet ghosts and modern hauntings of the 21st Century with everything in between. 

Sure, there are all the haunted houses and creepy castles you'd wish for, but you'll also discover info on ghost clubs, mediums and seances, phantom animals, freaky figurines, possessed possessions and even unearthly airports. It's a rich and rewarding trawl through the unique history and culture of ghost-life and one that will chill you in all the right ways. 

Handsomely published by Nobrow, this brilliant book is a fantastic(al) addition to Adam's 'Illustrated History' series and is our favourite so far. 

Join us to celebrate the launch of Adam's latest book, there will be plenty of printed goodies, a spooky playlist and refreshments! 

The event is free and open to all between 6-8pm on Thursday November 10th