Wrap Magazine #12

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Three and a half years is a long time in the magazine world, but that's the time that has elapsed since the last issue of Wrap's beautifully curated illustration magazine. Patience is a virtue though and good things come to those who wait - so you'll all be very pleased to hear that the wait has been well worth it. Issue #12 feels bright, fresh and current, the product of a team passionately immersed in the world of contemporary illustration and creative culture. Highlights include: A catch up with the founder of the beautiful LRNCE brand, Laurence Leenaert (see cover); an interview with Joe Cruz who talks about his work which combines photography with coloured pastels; an article on the new wave of hyper-real 3D illustration and a chat with Kelly Anna about her gloriously fresh and flowing high-energy illustrations and artwork. Great to have you back!


118 pages of carefully chosen paper stock, 5 pull out prints and a snapshot of the best in contemporary illustration..


The sensuous, surreal and otherworldly 3D illustrations of skin by Copenhagen design studio Wang & Soderstrom

Wrap Magazine #12