Work Remotely | Anastasia Tohme & Martin Worner

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Working remotely is something that many of us have become used to over the last eighteen months (although not us, shops are needy idiots). 


In Work Remotely, Penguin Business Experts Anastasia Tohmé and Martin Worner explain everything you need to know about managing your work-life balance, communicating effectively as teams, setting targets, monitoring productivity and managing decision-making at a distance.


Including case studies from the companies around the world who are innovating and revolutionizing the way we work, Work Remotely shares useful advice and practical tips to ensure you get the most out of working away from the office environment.

Size: 198 x 129mm

Pages: 176

Publisher: Penguin Business

Work Remotely | Anastasia Tohme & Martin Worner | Colours May Vary