Wild Alchemy Journal #3 | Water Edition

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Breathtaking. The third edition of Wild Alchemy continues to navigate the elements, moving on to explore our relationship to water as a conduit for mediation and metamorphosis. 

"Water can purify, pacify and sanctify, yet also drown and destroy, it gives life and takes it away. Elemental water is the tides within, the ebb and flow of our internal fluids and our emotional body. In Jungian psychology, it guides our feeling selves, our sensitivity to our environment and experience, our memories and our psychic self."



Wild Alchemy is a multi-sensory, augmented-reality journal from a global collective of artists, academic researchers and occult practitioners, whose transdisciplinary practice explores nature, science and esoterica at the intersection of plants, planets and people.

Wild Alchemy Journal #3 | Water Edition | Colours May Vary
Wild Alchemy Journal #3 | Water Edition
Wild Alchemy Journal #3 | Water Edition