Wax Poetics Vol.2, Issue 3

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A new Wax Poetics dropping means that work will be stopping. WP arrives sporadically, but when it comes it is always worth the wait. Inside this brand new issue - interviews with London-based saxophonist and composer Chelsea Carmichael, R&B singer and jazz pianist (and cover star) Patrice Rushden, and Mo' wax founder and UNKLE supremo James Lavelle.


Elsewhere there are profiles on Brazilian singer-songwriter Joyce Moreno, Kingston's Alpha Boys School, and Joseph Bowie's jazz-punk group Defunkt. You'll also find a recollection of a legendary Bill Evans set at the Village Vanguard, and a Detroit techno timeline.



The self-proclaimed 'best music magazine on the planet' brings out it's European edition, needless to say, it's still very, very good.


Size: 203 x 255mm

Pages: 148


Wax Poetics Vol.2, Issue 3 | Colours May Vary