Vestoj #8 'On Authenticity'

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The theme of the new Vestoj is authenticity and in these post-truth times, we all probably need a dose of that. The world of fashion wears more masks than most however, so is there a genuine authenticity to be found within it? The prose, theory, fiction and interview pieces inside this issue grapple with this issue, meditating on, among other topics, copying, cons, cultural integrity and cosmetics. Another year, another Vestoj, another reason to celebrate.


This annual journal of sartorial matters is published in Paris under the patronage of the London College of Fashion. Each issue is themed around a central subject and contains essays, fiction, prose, interviews and photography. It is about clothing - but it is also about so much more.


Where to begin? An interview with Miuccia Prada, a photo essay by Tordbjorn Rodland, Ed Templeton's images of smoking teens, the words of the original flaneur Charles Baudelaire, that Geoff McFetridge cover... we could go on and on.

Vestoj #8 'On Authenticity'