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Varoom #40 'Illustration and Fantasy'

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The need to escape feels pretty strong these days, all of us with our heads under the duvet waiting for the storms to pass. Well, no one is better equipped at making and creating new worlds than illustrators and issue #40 of Varoom gives us plenty of diversion from the real world to mull over. 

Inside you'll get behind the scenes of the eerily real dystopian fantasy game 'Everyone's Gone To Rapture', drift over the epic landscapes of Tianhua Mao's Puffisland, and radiate in the 90s digital glow of Ram Han's Nintendo nostalgia. 


Varoom is the magazine of the AOI and covers contemporary illustrated image in depth, featuring interviews with illustrators, image-makers and designers as well as featuring critical articles on different aspects of contemporary illustration by leading commentators.


The dark, medieval world dreamt up by Stuart Kolakovic (aka Herman Inclusus) feels very far from modern life, as if Bosch had been reborn in the body of a contemporary illustrator. We cannot wait to see a copy of his 'Lichen', published later this year.

Varoom #40 'Illustration and Fantasy'