Ute-7 Inch

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Ute-From the Norwegian Utepil (to enjoy a beer outdoors) is a multi-sensory collaboration by WYIPA* – Furniture maker Plæy, Design Agency Studio.Build, Design Studio Refold & North Brewing Co.

Ute is an immersive experience, to be touched, tasted and listened to. A conversation between the landscape and the senses.

This is a 7 inch single to accompany the project. 

A1. The Trees -  

A2. The Rain - 

B1. Springs at the Tree-Line

B2. North Brewery Recorder

A1/A2 - Field Recordings by Ethan Montgomery

B1/B2 - The Declining Winter. Played and recorded by Richard Adams in Ilkley. Summer 2019. Additional vocals on Springs at The Tree-Line by Julie Bisset.

All tracks mastered by Ethan Montgomery. 

Sleeve photography by Joanne Crawford. 

Black Vinyl - Limited to 250 copies 

*West Yorkshire IPA


Ute-7 Inch
Ute-7 Inch