Unbuilt | Christopher Beanland

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Sub-titled 'Radical visions of a future that never arrived', this new title by Christopher Beanland, uncovers the stories of the plans, drawings and proposals that emerged during the 20th century in an unparalleled era of optimism in architecture.


Featuring the work of architectural icons, such as Buckminster Fuller, Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright and Archigram, as well as contemporary architects such as Norman Foster, Zaha Hadid, and Rem Koolhaas - Unbuilt presents us with projects and plans that never left the drawing board, couldn't be realised, or emerged as parts of other buildings that did make it into the world.


Richly illustrated with photographs, drawings, maps, collages and models from all over the world, it covers everything from Buckminster Fuller’s plan for a ‘Domed city’ in Manhattan to Le Corbusier’s utopian dream of skyscraper living in central Paris. For local readers there is added interest with a chapter dedicated to the Leeds Skywalk - a series of elevated pedestrian walkways and submerged subways - the remnants of which are still in evidence today.

Size: 276 z 216mm

Pages: 208

Publisher: Pavillion Books

Unbuilt | Christopher Beanland | Colours May Vary