Typeone Magazine #03 | Graffiti & Mural Design.

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"what has been the most fascinating discovery for us is how graffiti culture has beautifully infiltrated other disciplines to influence and, in a good way, disrupt the art of type design and typography and visa versa."

This new (and predictably beautiful) issue of Typeone turns its attention to the artists, cultures, collectives, and projects which sit within both creative fields. Inside there are articles covering typographic murals, the emotive role graffiti has to play in the type design scene, graffiti's cultural connotations and why it needs to grasp the nettle and spark resistance.

There are also studio interviews with Adam Fu and Global Street Art and insightful info on dealing with clients when delivering murals.



As editor Amber Weaver says in the first editorial - this is a historical artefact of our design culture, not just a magazine.



Beautifully presented - with full pages given over to this large scale art form

Typeone Magazine #03 | Graffiti & Mural Design.