Turps Banana #19

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The new Turps Banana sits down to talk with Suzan Frecon, Helmut Middendorf, Albert Oehlen, Rachel Maclean, Jane Harris  and John Kiki. James Fisher writes about the comic power in Ken Kiff's 'Sequence' work and Simon Linke writes about the dilemma faced when drawing a line between what we share and what we keep inside of our heads when talking about artists' work.


Turps Banana is a magazine about painting which is largely made by painters. Eschewing heavy theory in favour of conversation, this is an approachable, personal and endlessly fascinating contemporary art magazine.


The editorial for this issue lists the mediums, supports and canvas used by Peter Paul Rubens - if you didn't know it already, Turps Banana is all about painting.

Turps Banana Issue 19