To Think #3 | Tomorrow

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'Do you ever think about the future? Do you think about the way we live? Do you think of the climate crisis? Does it determine everything you do today? Or, as for most of us, is it something so overwhelming, so terrifying that you push it to the back of your mind because what can I, one person, possibly do to reverse the self-sabotage of the human race through the wilful destruction of our home, planet Earth? If that self-doubting question ever occurs to you, this journal is for you.'


So begins the forethought section of the new To Think magazine, pondered by Ben Parker (Made Thought) and Siân Sutherand (A Plastic Planet). Issue #3 is all about striving for a new future, being active, going against the status quo - or changing it.


Twelve essays make up the bulk of To Think #3, twelve essays from provocateurs, entrepreneurs, designers and change-makers, which look to the future by re-thinking the present. Re-thinking population, re-thinking money, re-thinking consumerism, re-thinking energy, creativity, ageing, systems, humanity...


These essays are bookended by 'the ten thoughts that shackle us to today' and 'the ten thoughts that liberate our future'. A better future might feel like a pipe dream, striving for it might seem futile, change may seem impossible, but within these pages there are words that might get us moving forward, thinking differently, and dreaming harder.



To Think is a lushly produced magazine that is presented, designed and published by Made Thought 


Size: 215 x 280mm

Pages: 234



To Think #3 | Tomorrow | Colours May Vary