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Subtitled 'How to Grow, Learn and Radically Engage with the Natural World' this new book from The Welcome Foundation demonstrates how new research shows us that plants can think, plan – and may even have memories. We need to re-assess our relationship with plants - we share our planet with beings whose potential we have only glimpsed.


Featuring the writing of Merlin Sheldrake, Susie Orbach and Robin Wall Kimmerer,  ‘This Book is a Plant’ is a handbook to the incredible new reality: illuminating a pathway that completely reimagines our relationship with a different kind of natural world.


Paper comes from trees, books are made of paper, therefore, in physical terms this book really is a plant - it is also a seed, one that will germinate radical new ways of seeing the world around us.


Size: 134 x 200mm

Pages: 208

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