The World Is Your Burger: A Cultural History

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From it's humble origins, through eating etiquette to its cultural impact - The World Is Your Burger takes a long, hard look at this most iconic foodstuff. Across this gigantic tome's 430 pages you'll find a timeline of everyone's favourite fast food joints and their classic offerings (did you know that the Big Mac was invented in 1967?), beautifully presented posters, menus and assorted ephemera, profiles of the modern brands reinventing the meat patty and a ton of recipes. It's the section on the burger's cultural impact that thrills us though, all the global tastemakers are here, from Popeye to Warhol and MacCartney to Tarantino. It's a proper feast for the eyes.

Size: 220 x 220mm

Pages: 430

Publisher: Phaidon

Binding: Hardcover

The World Is Your Burger: A Cultural History