The White Review #33

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The new issue of The White Review features interviews with writer Siri Hustvedt and feminist scholar Sara Ahmed. The issue includes new fiction by Gina Apostol, Mircea Cărtărescu (translated by Sean Cotter) and Itamar Vieira Junior (translated by Johnny Lorenz), as well as poetry by Edward Doegar, Mary Mussman and the winner of the White Review Poet's Prize 2022, Fahad Al-Amoudi.


Ariel Saramandi reflects on land dispossession in Mauritius, Francis Whorrall-Campbell contributes a speculative manifesto about pockets in response to Ursula K. Le Guin’s 1986 essay ‘The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction’, and Rosa Campbell and Taushif Kara trace the strange histories and roots of conspiracy theories.

Cover art by Monira Al Qad



Tri-annual art and literature journal based in London, the White Review publishes fiction, essays, interviews with writers and artists, and poetry.


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Pages: 172




The White Review #33 | Colours May Vary