The Smudge Paper Vol.2 Issue 2

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The new issue of The Smudge has just landed from Clay Hickson's Tan & Loose Press! Inside issue 2 you'll find praise for potatoes, a discussion on girl problems, a weaver's eye view of the TV schedules and a Sage's meditation on the importance of college (ok, it's from someone called Matthew Sage). There are also songs to sing, shorthand to learn and even a crossword to do!


The Smudge is a newspaper published by Clay Hickson's Tan & Loose Press which is full of articles, comics, advice and interviews from some unique thinkers, writers and inkers offering a different perspective on the issues and events that affect us all.


Always lovely to find the words of William Luz among the pages of anything we read!

The Smudge Paper Vol.2 Issue 2