The Smudge Paper Vol.2 Issue 6

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The new issue of The Smudge has just landed from Clay Hickson's Tan & Loose Press! This issue centres around the theme of land conservation, with Nick Williams' 'In Land we trust' article looking at community land trusts and Karin Patzke writing about wildlife conservation in Texas. Elsewhere William Luz performs another verbal dance, there are lessons on the Gregg Shorthand System, and Pete Gamlen draws us an eerie tale of hair and growth. All this and in a beautiful pink and purple.


The Smudge is a newspaper published by Clay Hickson's Tan & Loose Press which is full of articles, comics, advice and interviews from some unique thinkers, writers and inkers offering a different perspective on the issues and events that affect us all.


In the editorial the editors bring our attention to the existence of tubeless toilet paper and to the fact that if we all used it we'd save over 17 billion cardboard tubes. 17 billion. 17 billion toilet tubes. Imagine it. If you can't get any, recycle your tubes people.

The Smudge Paper Vol.2 Issue 6