The Smudge Paper Vol.2 Issue 10

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The new issue of The Smudge has just landed from Clay Hickson's Tan & Loose Press! Inside there are articles in praise of bagels, a seven year old's take on US politics, a check in a the produce-driven Superiority Burger and another monthly dance piece from William Luz.


The Smudge is a newspaper published by Clay Hickson's Tan & Loose Press which is full of articles, comics, advice and interviews from some unique thinkers, writers and inkers offering a different perspective on the issues and events that affect us all.


Owning up to your transgressions, dust up your listening skills and don't get defensive - all great advice from Marian Bull's free insert 'How To Talk To Women In Your Life Right Now'.

The Smudge Paper Vol.2 Issue 10