The Skirt Chronicles #4

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This is our first foray onto the imaginary island which is The Skirt Chronicles and we like it, we might stay a while. For a start this compact journal eschews the idea of focus and transparency by taking us on meandering walks through a fecund terrain of filmmaking, geography, jewellery, playmaking... other places. It feels so nice to hold, tactile, heavy for its size, and clear too, easy on the eyes. The Shetlands, Jamaican music culture, Chanel, the couture archives of Pierre Cardin. It makes no sense, the only path a chronology defined by when articles were completed. As we said, we might stay a while.


In their own press they write "It is a publication founded by women which reflects a feminine voice yet does not exclude anyone from the conversation". 


The design work by Sophie Hanoun. This small magazine manages to avoid the pitfalls of small magazines - it feels calm, expansive, is very readable and feels luxurious with it.

The Skirt Chronicles #4