The Penguin Book of Dragons

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The most popular mythological creatures in the human imagination, dragons have provoked fear and fascination for their lethal venom and crushing coils, and as avatars of the Antichrist, servants of Satan, couriers of the damned to Hell, portents of disaster, and harbingers of the last days.


Here are accounts spanning millennia and continents, including: their origins in the deserts of Africa; their struggles with their mortal enemies, elephants, in the jungles of South Asia; their fear of lightning; the dragon in Beowulf, who inspired Smaug in Tolkien's The Hobbit; the supernatural feathered serpent of ancient Mesoamerica; and a flatulent dragon the size of the Trojan horse. From the dark halls of the Lonely Mountain to the blue skies of Westeros, we expect dragons to be gigantic, reptilian predators with massive, bat-like wings who wreak havoc defending the gold they have hoarded. But dragons are full of surprises, as is this book.


Size: 130 x 195mm

Pages: 320

Publisher: Penguin



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