The Modernist #44 | 'Layout'

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The brand new issue of The Modernist explores the idea of layout and how modernism has sought to bring clarity and coherence to our lives via the use of good design.


Inside you'll find the exquisitely designed books of Irma Boom, an appreciation of the humble manhole cover (in an article called 'drainspotting'), a survey of Fred Millett's sculptural reliefs, a profile of the Manchester-born modernist Norman Wilson, and the Pelican book designs of Ian McLaren.



The Modernist is a quarterly publication about architecture and design in the 20th Century (fact). It is also a passionate, witty, academic, and thought-provoking read (another fact).


Size: 200 x 200mm

Pages: 72


The Modernist #44 | 'Layout' | Colours May Vary