The Modernist #37 'Kino'

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The brand new Modernist magazine has been edited by Jason Wood, the Creative Director of Film and Culture at Home, Manchester. The focus of this issue is cinema, or more correctly the interaction between cinema and modernism. 

Inside there are articles on refurbishing a modernist cinema in Rotterdam, the institutionalised sexism of sci-fi films, the modernist designs in Spike Jones 'Her', and Wood's own piece on Brian Eno's scores for Music For Films and Rams.

There's also an exquisite photo essay of Oscar Deutsche's futuristic and groundbreaking Odeons, found and photographed in Bournemouth, Chorley, Wrexham, Ayr, Isleworth, Woolwich and Bromley by Philip Butler.



The Modernist is a quarterly publication about architecture and design in the 20th Century (fact). It is also a passionate, witty, academic, and thought-provoking read (another fact).



from Wood's introduction to this issue "It is through arts and culture that we can come together to better understand and commune with each other, sometimes agreeing often disagreeing, but nonetheless being exposed tp new aesthetics and perspectives that may help us build a better and more egalitarian society." In times of crises, artforms play a vital function. A short but heartfelt and meaningful editorial.


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