The Modernist #31 'In-Between'

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From a utilitarian metal box, a building or a garden to whole new suburbs, housing estates, new towns and regions, issue 31 of The Modernist aims to bring together a diverse range of topics.

In-Between presents traditionally less discussed examples that are not necessarily regarded as mainstream modern. The intent of this issue is to broaden the boundaries and discuss topics such as tradition and modernity, city and nature, garden and region, garden city and suburban living, Eastern bloc housing estates, shipping containers and British New Towns as well as contemporary poetry and art.


The Modernist is a quarterly publication about architecture and design in the 20th Century (fact). It is also a passionate, witty, academic, and thought provoking read (another fact).


A look at the miniature garden Village of Burnage.


The Modernist #31 'In-Between'