The Hidden Universe: Adventures in Biodiversity | Alex Antonelli

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Alex Antonelli is the Director of Science at the Royal Botanical Gardens, and in The Hidden Universe he combines inspirational stories and scientific research to reveal the wonders of biodiversity at a genetic, species and ecosystem level - what it is, how it works, and why it's the most important tool in our battle against climate change.


A deeper understanding of biodiversity has never been more important, as the slow violence of habitat loss has put the fate of almost one-fifth of all species on Earth at risk of extinction in the coming decades. These building blocks of life form a network that underpins almost every aspect of our lives, providing invaluable sources of food, medicine, fibre, clothing, building material and more. With simplicity and clarity, The Hidden Universe shows you not only what's at stake, but what can be done (and is already being done) to protect and restore biodiversity around the world. It marks the arrival of a bold new voice in popular science.


Size: 135 x 204mm

Pages: 288

Publisher: Penguin


The Hidden Universe: Adventures in Biodiversity | Alex Antonelli | Colours May Vary