The Heart of The Forest | John Miller

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To be surrounded by trees, out of earshot of roads and civilisation is often an exhilarating and inspirational experience - woodlands are places loaded with otherworldly potential, providing escape and sanctuary, but also capable of instilling in us a fear of the unknown. With chapters on refuge, horror, sacredness and hope, this new book by John Miller takes us on a deep and profound trip into our woods and forests. 


In The Heart of the Forest, John Miller builds upon the ecological arguments for saving forests to raise the compelling question of their cultural value. Illuminated by fantastic illustrations from the British Library's unparalleled collections, this fascinating book roams freely across Iliterature and culture from around the world, weaving in personal memoir, to explore why woods matter to us.


In the midst of a climate crisis, there is hope to be found in our deeply emotional connection to trees, and the instinct it awakens in us to value and protect them.


Size: 165 x 240mm (Hardback with dustjacket)

Pages: 288

Publisher: The British Library

The Heart of The Forest | John Miller | Colours May Vary