The Gourmand #10

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The wonderful Gourmand turns ten with an issue stuffed full of gastronomic delights. Inside ex-Fall member Brix Smith Start regales us with tales of her grandmother's Hollywood banquets (with some stunning lurid food photography as an accompaniment), New York musicians provide a food guide to the City That Never Sleeps and the owner of Buck's of Woodside tells us about feeding Silicon Valley's architects of the future for the last two decades. Elsewhere there are some handsome black and white portraits of the staff at the Savoy, a focus on 6 very well established eateries (some dating back to the mid 18th Century) and, of course, some beautiful food photo essays.


Handsome of face and luxurious of feel, The Gourmand is a food and culture journal which brings timeless, well written, specially commissioned features to our hungry hands.


We always love the back section, where you can find a selection of recipes relating to the articles inside.

The Gourmand #10