The Forecast #10, 2020

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'it's hard to be positive isn't it?' This is the exact line we used to introduce the 2019 Forecast, and nothing much has changed. But... we need to be positive and the Monocle Forecast does its best to provide us with some reasons to be cheerful. For instance Bath finds its place in the 25 best small cities guide, that's in the UK right? There are articles on how good school design can improve a child's education, and we need more well educated youth right? There's a forward-looking ideas section, which tables plenty of ideas to take points from (buildings that last, increasing the tree canopy, fewer cars...). 2020 could be great. It could... really...


The Monocle team cast their eye forward to bring us a view of business, global affairs, culture and design from beyond the horizon.


Designers dealing head on with the thorny issue of disposable packaging excess. 

The Forecast #10, 2020 - Colours May Vary