The Forager's Calendar | John Wright

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'The Forager's Calendar' is pitched as a month-by-month guidebook to the edible delights to be found in our woodlands, seashores, and fields, but it is much more than that. With information on the kit you need, separate guides to fungi, seaweeds, plants, and invertebrates, and advice on preserving your finds and avoiding poisonous species - this is a guide to a new way of living, a new way of engaging with nature, and to a great way of saving money.


Engagingly written by John Wright, a former cabinet-maker, full-time forager, and homebrew enthusiast, this richly illustrated book illuminates its subject matter, injecting valuable nuggets of history among the foraging essentials.


Size: 198 x 129mm

Pages: 399

Publisher: Profile Books

The Forager's Calendar | John Wright | Colours May Vary