The Fence #11

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We're new to The Fence and our first meeting has been a very pleasant one. Falling, for us, into the gap between Clay Hickson's Smudge and Private Eye, and peppered throughout with some excellent, often Rushton-esque, cartooning - this is a funny and engaging newsprint-style mag.


Inside this issue, you'll find fiction pieces from Shipley's own Richard Smythe and features that include the inside story of a salmon smokehouse, creating your own Duchampian DIY counterfeits, and an introduction to Sapphic cinema club The Female Gays.


Elsewhere we find BoJo's taste in art, some escaped iguanas, a ton of reader-submitted graffiti, and a rather depressing chart that shows us that Theresa May is currently earning almost £13K an hour through public speaking engagements...



The Fence is a smartly laid out London-based magazine with a literary heart and a satirical bent


Size: 200 x 270mm

Pages: 58


The Fence #11 | Colours May Vary