The Dragonfly Will Be The Messiah | Masanobu Fukuoka

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"I saw the mountains and rivers, the grasses and trees, the flowers, the small birds and the butterflies as if for the first time. I felt the throbbing of life, delighted in hearing the songbirds and the sound of rustling leaves. I became as light as the wings of a dragonfly, and felt as if I were flying as high as the mountain peaks."


In The Dragonfly Will Be the Messiah, the celebrated pioneer of the 'do-nothing' farming method reflects on global ecological trauma and argues that we must radically transform our understanding of both nature and ourselves in order to have any chance of healing.


Penguin Book's 'Green Ideas' series brings together twenty classics of the environmental movement. Together, these books show the richness of environmental thought and point the way to a fairer, saner, greener world.


Size: 181 x 111mm

Pages: 96

Publisher: Penguin

The Dragonfly Will Be The Messiah | Masanobu Fukuoka | Colours May Vary