The Comics Journal #306 | 'Roz Chast'

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The new Comics Journal features an epic 70-page, career-spanning interview with the amazing staff cartoonist for the New Yorker, Roz Chast. If that wasn't enough there is a feature section featuring Mr Fish, Dilbert, Koreangry and Carta Monir that goes under the title LET'S ARGUE ABOUT POLITICS! Elsewhere (if all that wasn't enough) there is an interview with Garrett Young, a peep into the sketchbooks of Marvel/DC artist Chris Visions, and a reconsidering of the work of Al Columbia.



The Comics Journal is a bi-annual publication which takes a critical look at the world of comic publishing.



The story of Daisy Scott, a black woman growing up in severe oppression of the early 1900s, trying to achieve her dreams of becoming a cartoonist.

The Comics Journal #306 | 'Roz Chast' | Colours May Vary