The Comics Journal #305 'Health Care, Disability & Illness'

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The new Comics Journal turns its focus to health care, disability and illness in comics. Inside you'll find articles on the relationships between comics and public health, conversations with artists trying to critique the system, communicate their experiences and destigmatize disability and illness (HTML Flowers, Rebecca Kirby, Georgia Webber and Maria Sweeney are all interviewed at length), and a sketchbook from Patrick Dean that deals with life after a 'worst-case scenario' diagnosis.


The Comics Journal is a bi-annual publication which takes a critical look at world of comic publishing.


Aaron Dixon's story of the 'Lowndes County Freedom Organization' whose development was adapted into a comic-book pamphlet, created in 1967, and affiliated with the Black Panthers and Civil Rights Movement.

The Comics Journal #305 'Health Care, Disability & Illness' - Colours May Vary