The-Art-Form #3

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Can it really be two whole years since the issue #2 of The-Art-Form arrived? Still, what is 48 months between friends when the end product turns out to be this good? To recap, The-Art-Form presents a selection of contemporary artists with a set of questions to answer. The answers given help to shed light on each individual's working practice. In some instances these forms are fleshed out with drawings, sketches and paintings.

The artists giving forth in the new issue are: James Jean, Nina Chanel Abney, Brian Calvin, Anselm Reyle, Mark Whalen and Oli Epp. 


A beautifully published, limited edition magazine that gets to the heart of the art by quizzing a selection of contemporary artists on their work and practice.


The saturated colour palettes of Mark Whalen's sculptures.


The-Art-Form #3 - Colours May Vary