The Angels' Share [SALE ITEM]

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Welcome to issue 1 of 'The Angels' Share. 

The Angel's share is a new journal exploring the science, culture, and art of whisky. 

This edition, 'Going Against The Grain' introduces us to the mavericks doing whisky their way. Billy Walker & The Glen Allachie have been going for 50 years and are still taking risks we meet Anthony Wills & Kilchoman, Islay's first distillery for 124 years and we go inside Scotland's bet zero distillery with Annabel Thomas & Nc'nean. 

Expect: A beautifully considered journal about whisky. 

Highlight: Walking up an appetite with The Yorkshire Gourmet! Applewood smoked pear, toffee and whisky crumble? erm yes please! 

The Angels' Share [SALE ITEM]