Testimonies On The History Of Jamaica | Zakiya McKenzie.

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Much of the history of Jamaica - captured by the English from the Spaniards in the 17th Century - has been retold by Edward Long, a British colonial administrator, slave owner, and historian, best known for his first socio-economic and political study ‘The History of Jamaica’. His polemic supported the enslavement of African and Caribbean people and the monopolies and monocultures played out through the natural environment.

The testimonies inside this new title from Rough Trade Editions, address some of Long’s claims. These are imaginings of what the people who lived through this wrestling of Jamaica might have said, given the chance.


Each book contains a living seed card inside that can be planted and grown!


This new Rough Trade Editions title forms part of a series made in partnership with the Garden Museum.


Size: 140 x 210mm

Pages: 44

Publisher: Rough Trade

Testimonies On The History Of Jamaica | Zakiya McKenzie | Colours May Vary