Teenage: The Creation of Youth 1875-1945 | Jon Savage

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The teenager didn't arrive fully formed in a post-war world of scooters and cappuccino bars - he/she was the result of decades of 'ferment and folly' that had passed before.


Teenage is a great book, an important book in the sphere of subcultural studies, and manages to be both scholarly and completely devourable. Pulling together disparate strands from across continents, Teenage paints a vivid picture of the developing youth group. 

As you'd expect from a book by Jon Savage, the book pounds with music, from ragtime, to swing to jazz and roams the streets of the world's metropolises to find the flappers, zoot-suiters, hooligans, pagans, and bright young things that helped define the teenager as we know it.


This new paperback edition (and what a monster it is at over 550 pages) comes with a new introduction by the author.


Size: 216 x 135mm

Pages: 551

Publisher:Faber & Faber

Teenage: The Creation of Youth 1875-1945 | Jon Savage | Colours May Vary