Technology is Not the Problem | Timandra Harkness

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We all know that our every move is tracked online, our data a valuable commodity used to profile and target us. Why, despite this knowledge, do we willingly yield up the most intimate facets of our lives in exchange for a world that revolves around our unique needs, preferences and personalities?


In this book, Timandra Harkness argues that the problem is not the all-powerful algorithms, but our own desire to be recognised as the unique, sophisticated, discerning person each of us feels ourselves to be. The price of this personalised world is not just our data; without even being aware of it, we are exchanging our freedom for the illusion of limitless choice.


Tracing the historical and social currents that brought us here, Harkness challenges us to question what might be missing from our personalised menus; to defy the temptations of technology and to rescue our humanity from this dehumanising, data-driven world.


Size: 160 x 242 x 36mm (hardback with dustjacket)

Pages: 384

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Technology is Not the Problem | Timandra Harkness